More Alpaca Milestones

One of the many things that George and Judy ( Walnut Knoll Farm) did was demonstrate on their herd how to give injections to our animals. So after watching a really good YouTube video this morning by the ARI we were all set.

Remembering to keep calm and our energy levels low is one of the main things we need to do. Alpacas are very sensitive to your mood. So all 5 injections went without incident and both girls and boys were really well behaved.

Buoyed by our success we decided to check with our vet and see if it was ok to mate 2 of our gang so close to having injection. The vet felt there would be no issue and so we put Rocket into the field and then brought in Lacy. He instantly knew what he was there to do, although Lacy needed a lot of persuading. After much pleading nudging and just persistence on his part, Lacy cushed down and let him have his way. Despite the fact it was his first time, he knew exactly what to do.

Fingers crossed, eleven months time we may have an new addition to the family.