Rain stops play

Just over a week ago we had some heavy rain and high winds. Miss Lynne and I had just popped down to the local stores and we noted the sky on the way in. We were almost drown on the way out! By the time we got home, the water running off the fields was stained with the Georgia clay and the wind was thrashing the trees. We were very please to get back in doors. We had over 2.25″ of rain in a single hour.

All that wind and rain left me with plenty to do last week. Two trees had been blown down. One had fallen on the neighbor’s fence and a second was balance precariously above it. Time for the ropes ladders and chain saw. I’m glad Miss Lynne didn’t see me up that tree. I would have got an ear bashing.

Trees down on fence

Trees down on fence

As I’ve mentioned before, we have hardly any flat areas on the property so water runs away quickly. It can do quite a bit of damage on the way. The driveway took a hit this time. I knew I should have cleared those ditches earlier.

2.5" of rain in one hour causes a problem

2.25″ of rain in one hour causes a problem

All that rain eventually ends up in the lake. I wonder how  much top soil I could recover.

Muddy lake after the storm

Muddy lake after the storm

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