Tired and its only 10.30

This morning we had the call that they were going to come and spray the weeds and over seed for us. This meant that we had to keep the chickens in and under cover but more importantly, even though we are using animal friendly weed killer, we want to move our precious Alpacas out to the bottom field.

Let the fun commence – first the girls, make a smaller enclosure then then to coax them in. Grab the first one put the new halter on her – much better style its called an X halter and I will add a link and a picture later. Now the second then walk them to the bottom field – Sounds easy !!! Actually it was not too bad after a little bit of trepidation they walked down for us. No spitting, Yeay!

Now to the boys that involved a whole lot more running around but we got them moved in just under the hour 🙂