Waiting for the rain to stop

Well it has been wet this spring. We have had over 13.5″ of rain since the beginning of March. We had nearly 4″ of that last weekend. All that wet weather has delayed the work¬† to improve the pasture. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that rain holds off this week end so that we can get the spraying and over-seeding completed.

I’ve been trying avoid outside work so I concentrated on getting my barn workshop organised. It’s been a bit of a tip from the moment I unloaded the truck. The first job was to clear a space to work and construct a bench along one wall. Nothing fancy. It’s just a simple wooden construction screwed together with a ply top and shelf. It’s immediately been put to good use and is currently supporting the weed whacker (strimmer) with a carburetor in pieces.

Thursday was finally sunny enough to dry the grass, which has been growing like Topsy. We have lots of grass to cut here and lots of weeds too – hence the need to spray. I didn’t want to spread the seed heads all over the place so I opted to collect the cuttings and dump them – not in the compost heap. The dampness of the cut grass made the collection problematic but, by the end of the day, it was all done ……. for this week.

I find grass cutting quite relaxing (I know it’s odd) and you get to spot all manner of wildlife hurrying to escape the monster machine. Frogs, giant beetles and of course snakes. This week I only saw a couple of very small snakes. Miss Lynne, on the other hand, saw something much larger from her office window.¬† Oh dear, this is going to be trouble.

Miss Lynne's friend
Miss Lynne’s friend