Rock of Ages

While in Vegas, I was lucky enough to be given tickets to Rock of Ages. The PGI group had arranged for a buffet to feed us first. So we all met in the Grand Lux cafe in the Venetian, the buffet was really good also an open bar. Then off to the concert theater for the show. As you can see we had great seats and the show was excellent, just a good laugh and plenty of blasts from the past. Not for those of a sensitive disposition, a little swearing and lots of near the knuckle jokes.

Flew home on Friday, hardly seems time to sort myself out for the next weeks work. Hey ho!

Saturday we went to Turner Feed and bought a horse feeding manger for the Pacas, then off to Lowes to buy seeds ready to start on the garden. They also now stock Jim Shore garden items so I bought 2 planters and a chicken. Love his stuff!