101 Quilts and more travel

One of the yahoo groups I belong to is the “small quilts” group and they were all talking about a new book – so not to be outdone I quickly placed my Amazon order and was not disappointed. It was really inspiring and spurred me on to get on with some small projects that I had lined up. Nothing radical just some small quilts for my hanging frames and a tea towel for the kitchen. In the evenings I am busy weaving, I have now managed about 25 inches only 35 more to go!

photo-8 photo-7

I found a box of pictures that we have not unpacked since we came to the US and had a fun 30 minutes finding homes for them around the house. Rob hung our leaded glass in the picture window, it is really starting to feel like home. Can’t wait to see what he has done by the time I get back from Vegas.


Nice easy trip into the airport this morning and one of the things I like to do is give myself enough time so that I can walk to my terminal rather than use the train. They have a great display of African sculptures between baggage and terminal A.


Our chickens have stopped laying and after much discussion we have decided to get a second chicken coop and some more younger chickens and just let the other girls live out their lives in the original coop. We might toughen up over time but at the moment we are not up to slaughtering something we have named.

Whilst the weather is much better than New York – it still gets down around freezing overnight so we will have to wait a few more weeks before we can plant out our garden veg. We also have to wait until our new farm gates arrive or the chickens will eat it all and we would definitely review their life expectancy!

Arrived in Vegas and I am staying in the Wynn for the first time, the reception area is really stunning, all of these giant balls are made from flowers. they really know how to do things in style. My room is great and has a perfect view of the Strip. I know Vegas is an acquired taste but in short bursts I quite like it.

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