I was up bright and early Sunday morning and off to the Dekalb cultural center for part one of my introduction to weaving class. There was only 6 of us in the class and two tutors so we got plenty of time to understand what we were doing.

First we created our warp and then dressed the looms. The instructor showed us how to start weaving the waste yarn and then “declare” before starting to weave our scarf.



We had a break for lunch and joy of joy the center is right next to a Panera Bread. So Sonoma chicken stew with cheese biscuit and the chance to have a free cake for my birthday, Thank you Panera.

The afternoon we were weaving with our chosen yarn and trying to get the tension right, I needed to get 10 rows or weft to the inch and after a while I was close enough. Although this looks quite open on the loom it closes up when washed and if you do it to tight you will end up with rug quality not fabric. We were sent home with our looms and have 2 weeks to weave 60 inches before we have lesson 2. ONly 50 more to go.

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