Sweetwater Park

What a lovely surprise on Saturday afternoon, we decided to go for hike with the dogs and we found this great park is only 4 miles from the house. The visitor center has a museum talking about the history of the area including details of the Manchester Company Mill that was burnt down in 1864 although some of the walls are still standing. The visitor center is one of only 21 worldwide to achieve Platinum status for its energy conservation.


We headed off to the river where one of the advantages of all the rain was the shoals were really active. I understand that they usually get a few kayakers braving the rapids.

DSC03622 DSC03619

A little further on we saw glimpses of the old mill – it must have been impressive in its day. It was 5 stories high and at the time of building was the highest building in Atlanta.

DSC03608 DSC03604

It was a little strenuous in places but we really look forward to many more walks there in the future.

We rounded off the evening with a trip to Joe’s Crab Shack. It is just another chain restaurant, but one we have been hoping to try for quite some time and we were pleased to see there was one in Douglasville.

I started the evening with a vodka spiked iced tea and followed it with a steam pot filled with crabs and prawns.Yum !

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Digging in
Digging in