Normality Starts to Return

Well whatever counts for normal at our place! Friday I decided to stop wasting any more time and go and discover the joys of getting a Georgia driving license. So first you have to queue for a number and then wait for your number to get called. Having filled in the right form and provided the requisite 5 pieces of identification, I was then informed I would need to do the full written and physical test. Oh joy yet another queue and then off to the PC to answer the written test. Only got 1 wrong and that was debatable (although decided not to point out that they were wrong). Now I got to wait for the driving examiner, first parallel park between cones, them some reversing exercises and an emergency stop. Then off we go out onto the main road, we spent about 20 minutes navigating around the local area, never above 35MPH and no passing, dual carriageway or joining traffic. Thank goodness I passed everything first time and without any errors but I have to say it certainly explains why the standard of driving in down town Atlanta is a bit hairy, nothing in the test prepares them for driving on a 5 lane orbital road at 60MPH with traffic feeding on an off every couple of miles. Anyway I now have my license, so back off home to gloat to Rob!

Fabric Stash

Fabric Stash

Welcome Friends

Welcome Friends

We decided to tackle my sewing room again on Saturday and we finally made enough room for me to actually sew something. Although we also brought in all the fabric from the RV and even I had to admit even I was surprised how much I had. Sunday afternoon I drove out to Marietta and joined Veronica and the other ladies for an afternoon of spinning (fiber not bike) I have to say there is something very special about spinning my own yarn to a good enough quality that I can actually knit socks with it. Can’t wait till I can actually do that with fiber from my very own Alpacas.


Monday morning brought an early start to the week – the only high spot being the glorious sun rise that was visible out of the window at Hartfield Jackson Airport. Off to Minneapolis where I was greeted with a balmy 5degrees F – thats -15C to all the Europeans. 5 inches of snow last night and more due later in the week.

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