Boxes and diets

Well as you saw from Mr Rob previous post. He arrived back home with many many boxes! Most of which were loaded into my sewing room. After running up and down stairs all day just trying to find a place to put things down it got closer to the evening with still more things to allocate a home to, so we changed to running up and down to the barn with the wheelbarrow just to make sure that things were at least going to be kept dry.


Then comes the fun job of unpacking all those darn boxes. The jury is still out on what was the most challenging, finding homes for all the stuff or trying to find the things we actually needed. I still have not found the legs for the sofa, the dogs get fed regularly so I know they have not done anything with them. Although one of the things we did find was the weighing sales. Where we very quickly discovered that Mr Rob had dropped 10lbs and I had lost 3lbs (which is because I am smaller and not because I was doing less work)

By Sunday we could actually see the floor and work surfaces again, so we decided to make the most of a very nice day and take the girls out for a long walk, it’s just another of the joys of living here, we have the ability to walk out of the back of the property and straight onto a series of trails.

On Tuesday my rest from traveling stopped and it brought a big smile to my face when I realized my first trip would actually be back to New York City. I stayed at the New Yorker hotel which whilst very dated, it had a nice Art Deco feel to it

Wednesday I flew over the top of the bad weather and went to Nashville for 2 days. I am currently sitting at the airport waiting to fly home to Georgia.