All over for another year ! Up early on Christmas morning, croissants for breakfast and nice cup of tea. We opened our gifts and then got the dogs ready for our hike (more details below). Mid afternoon Rob and I went to Kathy and Wayne’s for Christmas lunch. Sandy and John were there as well. Plenty of delicious food to eat, Rob’s favourite was the homemade apple pie of course. The wine flowed and we had a very nice time.

I spent this morning sewing and off we went off to Middletown for a quick tour of the sales and on to meet Gil and Sara to go see Warhorse the movie. Sorry to any that really liked it or have yet to see it but we would rate it as a 3/10 and the three are based on the acting skills of the horse. One thing that it made me think about was my great grandfather, he was actually a farrier in the first world war and was also one of the “old contemptibles”. He never talked out the war but one leg was a good 5 inches shorter than the other from all the kneeling to tend to the horses. He had a built up shoe and needed a walking stick to get around. I used to go up to my grandmothers and go for walks with him. He liked to give me tuppence for walking with him, he said it was my pocket money. He used to have a toothbrush moustache and liked to smoke Senior Service unfiltered cigarettes.
Tonight we are watching Super 8 downloaded from Amazon and so far it’s a 8 out of 10.


We drove up to Sam’s Point, parked the car and started our hike. The weather was around 27degrees F but it was crisp and dry without too much wind. Took some nice pictures from the Point
and then hiked over to the ice caves, we were not able to hike all the way down as the steps were too icy but they were really interesting to see.
Onwards and upwards for a trek around the lake, on the way back we saw a couple of deers jumping over the road. We probably covered about 5 miles in total.
Of course the dogs loved the hike as well