To all of you over in Asia Pac, Happy Christmas, in Europe, night night I am sure Santa will be there soon.
We are relaxing this evening ready for a busy day tomorrow.


Quick trip to Middletown Thursday to finish off our shopping, then night out last night with our friends Gil and Sara. We went to an Irish pub in New Paltz and Rob got to eat some shepherds pie. He said it was pretty good although needed a bit more onion, then off to the cinema for some major eye candy! No I do not mean the glimpse of Stephn Fry’s bottom but the always very sexy Robert Downey Jnr in the latest Sherlock Holmes movie.
The movie was a lot of fun although not the greatest plot line, we give in 7 out of 10.


Ran into town to meet up with Rob who was fixing the email at the quilt shop. Only about 3 miles but fairly hilly and running into the wind for most of it. We are planning a nice long hike for the morning. Also Gil has made me a special dog lead for running with the dogs, it is made from bungee rope so that you are not getting your arm pulled too much. Cant wait to use it, currently I do not run with the dogs but this should mean that I can now. It will certainly make them very happy.


Not much to report on the sewing front, still working on the binding on my Autumn quilt. Can you see the Clover quilt grips – they are perfect for holding the folded binding in place and much safer than having pins in the quilt. You should try them out. I also stitched out a IPad cover it was a stitch in the hoop project from It did not stitch as smoothly as my clear case but there was a lot of layers so I probably need to experiment a bit with them.
We are about to start on our Christmas Eve Feast, My sister Kat had some cheeses shipped over to us from France, they will go very nice with our beers.
The Girls are chewing on some xmas bones, blissfully unaware that it is any different from any other day.
HAPPY CHRISTMAS from Lynne Rob and the dogs xx