How to shrink your stash !

Yesterday was a snow day here so even though I work from home I thought I would take advantage and catch up on some sewing related things. Here is the view from my desk, The birds were lining up for a turn at the feeder all day but I thought the combination of the red cardinal against the greys and white of the day was really lovely.

I started the day with a nice cappuccino and got my mind in the right place by drawing patterns on the top

I did some sewing on my number 6 UFO project but I still have some distance to go on that yet. While reading the blogs, I read a guest blogger on stash manicure whose home blog is Karen was talking about organising your sewing room better and I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. I asked DH to scan all my stash fabric (yes I am lucky he never complains about the quantity) so now I have all the scans in a folder ready to use in EQ7, then I downloaded an app for my IPad called Fabric Stash XL brought the pictures into it then measured and folded each piece – I guess that’s three birds !!
So here is the added advantage of folding your fabric as Karen suggests and fulfilling the title of this blog without actually using any fabric, when you fold it all this way -it looks so much less, woo hoo now I can go and buy more with a clear conscience.Obviously this does not include all the fabric I have in drawers or the fleece and flannel or my fat quarters, layer cakes and jelly rolls but…….