Just another Tuesday

Spent time in my home office working and set up my embroidery machine (Pfaff CV) to stitch out the book cover for Caitlin’s birthday.
I then completed it on the serger (Babylock Evolution), My DH created a birthday card for her, using images of her over the years. We will pack it in with a few bought gifts but I hope she likes the ones we took time to personalize for her.

Late afternoon I went to have my nails done, I normally have gel ( hangover from needing nails in good shape when working) but I was persuaded to try Shellac. It is like a reinforced nail polish. I will let you know how it lasts as this should get me closer to natural nails again.
Rounded off the evening with a run with my good friend Gil and his four dogs, I ran just over 4.25 miles and given the temperature was below freezing, I was quite pleased with my efforts.