Very Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas to all from pine Bush NY – Most of you will already be part of the way through your Christmas morning, I do hope Santa brought you everything you wanted. Except for you Ruth, I hope Jesse has not given birth yet this morning.
We are planning a very lazy day, pancakes for breakfast with bucks fizz followed by a light lunch and then we are off to the movies with our good friends Gil and Sara. We will round the day off with that traditional Christmas treat ………. meal at the local Chinese.
I have had a lot of fun this week trying to find tins to cook my mince pies in – the US does not have an equivalent you can buy just about everything here except jam tart tins – I managed to improvise with some muffin tins. I also had fun baking ginger cookies for the neighbours (well that’s if Rob does not eat them all first)
Mum — it took us really hours to get the deer to stand still long enough to wrap them in Christmas lights, I hope you appreciate it.
The snow has been quite heavy with multiple storms since last Thursday. Monday the temperature dropped to 10F -12C on Monday and the wind chill made if feel even colder. It has certainly warmed up a bit more now. We should be in for some great skiing this year. As you can see I decided to try out my snow shoes in the garden !!
Hope you like the Christmas tree — go figure, after years of nagging the “bob” decides he wants a 9ft tree and we spent all last weekend making bows and decorating it