2nd January 2008

On behalf of my husband and I …….. OK enough of that nonsense! for the avid readers of this blog, sorry for the gap in posting (that means you Mum)

As most of you will be aware, I flew back to the US on Sunday we had delays because of engine issues and I arrived back at my flat at 2 am in the morning — spent a full day in the office and then slept my way through the new year and most of yesterday. But at least it means I am fully refreshed now.

I took pictures of the house on the 22ND just before my return to the UK — It looks lovely doesn’t it.

I left for the airport shortly after taking this picture and the SatNav took me yet another route. At least I got back on time. Went shopping with Sarah Peter Alana and Rob on the Saturday, last minute Christmas presents or in my case all of them as I had done very little in the US. Nice lazy day on Sunday, more shopping on Monday and an early night ready for Christmas day.

We drove down to the New Forest to meet Sue, Malcolm and the rest of the Quinn Family. Lunch was a lot of fun and the food was really good. The pub had plenty of atmosphere so the whole experience was truly Christmas.

We left there late afternoon and drove over to see Mum and Dad Fox and the Grossett Family, Home by 10pm and packed the car ready for the boxing day adventure. Up early and over to Theale to collect Sarah and Alana then a quick drive down to Wales. First stop Mum and Mikes, greeted as always with a nice cup of tea. David and Nada came over to say “hi” to Alana and Sarah. Alana is a little sweetie she just sleeps through all the hugs and cuddles as she gets passed around the family members. Sarah is a sweetie as well letting it all go on without getting over protective.

The three girls went over to visit the Beasley’s and spent a few hours there with visits from family members and neighbours and then picked Rob up and went to visit Aunt Hazel and all her family. it was really lovely to see Angus Bennett and their respective families as well as the Senior Ruddles. Dropped Sarah back home in Theale at about 10 pm. Thursday we just relaxed and also most of Friday. Rob and I were on babysitting duties on Friday evening.We called up to see Bev and Bobby and they had some lovely clothes for Sarah and a beautiful wedding album for us – Thanks both ( shame you could not come to the wedding I am sure you would have enjoyed it.)

So to Saturday — at the hairdressers by 8.30, Toni arrived with a bottle of Champagne to get the day off to a good start, we were running a little late with my hair so it was a mad dash back to the house to get my make up on, get dressed and help with Alana so that Peter and Sarah could finish off as well. Off to the register office on time, the assistant had a great sense of humour opened the door when we arrived and announced they were closed on Saturday’s !!! the chief registrar had also married Charles and Camilla and Elton John and David so we are keeping the right company. It was the service that we wanted it to be, close family and friends and lovely reading by Toni and a unsolicited one by the Registrar lots of smiles and hugs. We all trooped around to Jonathon’s for lunch and spent a lazy 3 hours eating drinking and chatting. Back to the house for a freshen up and then off to Southampton for the party. It was lovely to see so many people there, it must have been about 70 of them.

Thank you so much, we knew we gave you very short notice but we were thrilled that so many were able to come. The wedding cake was really great if a little unusual and we all danced the night away till about 11pm.