25th November 2007

Wow!! what a fantastic weekend. Rob got a chance to see the house on Saturday morning, luckily he loves it as much as I do. After walking around the garden for a while we drove over to New Paltz via route 7 which is very scenic with lots of farms, vineyards and orchards along the way. We had lunch down at the bottom end of the town on a nice boardwalk that has lots of craft shops and a few cafes. Drove back over to Pine Bush to shop at Hanafords ( local Supermarket) and then off to the apartment to cook tea and watch TV.
Sunday we joined a hiking group at the Mohonk Preserve. They were a really nice bunch and we chatted to many of them. There were about 26 of us and we went on a 7 mile organised hike up to Castle point and then back down via the blueberry trail – The picture above is lake Minnewaska, you can see we had beautiful blue sky’s and fabulous scenery although it was very cold and we saw plenty of stalactites attached to the rocks and some ice pools on the pathways. There are over 200 members in the hiking club and they have different walks every weekend on both Saturday and Sunday. They also arrange lots of social events. We are both looking forward to walking with them again.
We drove back via Barnes and Nobel for a Starbucks and bought a few more magazines (we are looking for furniture and electrical stuff for the house) Went to Home Depot and Kohls then back home for Pasta.