Day 33 to 35 Fox Glacier to Wanaka via Haast

We had a lazy day as our last day in Fox Glacier gentle walk close to the hotel, early lunch and dinner and a walk over to see the glow worms, this was somewhat spoilt by a coach party of tourists that did not understand the need for darkness and were walking around with torches!

Up early the next morning and heading off to Haast rain first thing and then it cleared up nicely with a few stops at Knights Point and Ship Creek before we arrived at Haast. We passed a husband a wife team cycling, twice along the way, first between Knights Point and and Ship Creek, and buy the time we took a quick walk and got back on the road we were able to pass them again.

When we got to Haast we were a bit surprised just how small it was, one pub/restaurant and one grocery store/cafe and just a few houses and farms. We took a ride along to Jackson bay and walked over the headland there and then settled into our motel for the night.

Next morning we headed to Wanaka and decided to stop at every walk and photo spot along the way. Imagine our surprise to see the two cyclists again and yes after a 30 min walk at one of the lookouts we could not believe our eyes, it was our cyclists. We pulled into a restaurant to get lunch and Rob said wouldn’t be funny if they came in after us and yes they did! I went over to congratulate them and tell them how many times they had caught up to us. And lets just say, they were not spring chickens. We still were in Wanaka by early afternoon and do we took a walk up Iron Mountain and were treated to quite a steep walk but the view from the top was well worth it. We later checked into our place and were pleasantly surprised with great views of the lake, a really nice place and a fully stocked kitchen, including a nice bottle of wine, home made muffins and lots of other treats. We walked into town for dinner and then back for an early night.