Day 10 and 11 – kept it local

Saturday morning the weather was bright and sunny with just a little wind and Rob wanted to walk the mount in the local bay, while the girls went to the local stitch shop. I have to say Rob got the better end of the deal as the stitch shop was not very good. I did manage to buy a piece of fabric and a magazine though.

We then went for a famous Patricks pie – he has won more awards for his pies than anyone in the country and rightly so, mine was chicken camembert and cranberry and Rob had curried lamb. They were yummy.

We had a chilled afternoon and then went down to the docks for fresh fish cooked to order and straight off the fishing boats. That was excellent as well and clearly popular with both the locals and the seagulls.

Sunday Morning we were up early and round to our friends mum’s place to watch the rugby cup final. What can I say other than the team i was supporting was the only one to score a try! Oh and the warm scones with jam and cream were excellent

After the match we drove to lake Rotoiti and our friends brother and his wife took us all out in their boat across the lake to the hot springs. The springs come out of the ground piping hot and there were several pools that are different temperatures that you can sit in. They all have a strong smell of sulphur but I have been told that it’s great for anti aging, so Rob and I must look a few years younger now. We had a great barbecue there and really enjoyed doing something that most tourists do not get to do.