Day 4 and 5 – up to the Bay of Islands

Day 4 was our travel day and we decided to take the scenic route up the west coast along highway 16 – it took a lot longer but the views made it all worthwhile. Rolling hills and amazing lush green vegetation with the occasional views across the many bays. We pulled off at Whangarei to see the waterfalls and have a sandwich.before carrying on to Paihia.

The bay is gorgeous and our lodge is right on the front with uninterrupted views across to Russel and some of the closer Islands. At first we thought we may not like Paihia as it was very busy and touristy (yes I know that’s what we are, but there are tourists and then those tourists) but by early evening it quieted down.

Tuesday we were up with the Tui’s again and off to buy tickets for the first ferry over to Urupukapuka. WOW what a place, totally uninhabited and amazing walking trails criss crossing the entire island. Quite the haul up and down some of the trails but the views made it worthwhile. Every time you came to another outlook, you were blown away with the beauty. Lunch was a couple of bananas while we sat on Paradise bay.

The last headland we walked was where the local sheep grazed and so I have a question for you all, do you see some nice fiber for spinning or lamb chops?

Back at the main bay for a delicious panini and then the ferry back at 4.15. This day was an unexpected delight and I am sure we will have more of them as we continue our trip.