When life gives you lemons ………

Well we arrived at the airport in Atlanta with time to spare, and then the fun began. our flight from Atlanta to Houston was getting more and more delayed to the point that there was no way it would make the connection to Auckland. We were offered to try again the same time 24 hours later or fly to San Francisco and then on to Auckland. We went for the latter as trying to change Airbnb and car rental by 24 hours would cost us.

Now we had even more time in Atlanta so went to eat and have a drink – cost a crazy amount of money!

We arrive in Auckland safe and sound but our luggage had decided to stay in the US. We were now at 26 hours from the time we left our house, not amused!!!
Off to pick up our rental, couldn’t get it to start and had to have an agent come out and explain that it was started but we had a hybrid and they run silent until you actually move (see previous statement about 26 hours of travel)

Our Airbnb is very close to the town just a 15minute drive and they very kindly let us arrive early. It’s really cute and in a lovely area. It’s spring here and the flowers are blooming as you walk around the neighborhood the smell of jasmine, lavender and magnolia is everywhere.

I thought it would be a good idea for us to walk to Mount Eden, it would end up being just over 5 miles but the weather was perfect and we knew we would have amazing views over the city. Mount Eden is a sacred place for the Māori and is actually an extinct volcano. Please send good vibes for getting our luggage tomorrow..

Rest of the view
Local bird on Mount Eden
This was in the trees by the house
And flowers from our temporary home