Preparation for our next big adventure

The Foxes are going to wander again! But before we do, we thought it would be a good idea to get hiking fit. Our month in the UK was a great start and since we have been back in the US we have made the most of out local state park. Sweetwater park is very close to home and we were able to map out a 6.5 mile circuit that is both uneven underfoot and also has lots of climbing up and down. We have been hiking the loop both clockwise and anti clockwise four or five times a week and the culmination was to do both loops creating a total of 13 miles while wearing backpacks and camera equipment. 5 hours of hiking plus a stop for lunch and I think we are ready (ready for what, is another question)

We have a new toy so this is a link to a small video that we recorded at the park, for the sharp eyed amongst you, notice Rob’s hand is empty but in the shadow ……. It’s magic !

Love seeing this at the start of our walk – its an old red cedar
Part of the long climb
Really big wasp nest!!
The obligatory Fungi
And of course a Box Turtle

Just be grateful the baby Copperhead in the grass and the Cottonmouth swimming over the river, went too fast to photograph !!