Pick’n Pears

We have two pear trees at the bottom of the drive, last years weather was so bad for most plants in Georgia that we really did not know if they were still good trees.

This year we were able to get the answer, yes, very good trees. Mr Rob and I went out with buckets steps and fruit picker and picked the first 20lb.




Mr Rob went back and finished the job during the week and netted another 50lbs. He also know my endless fascination with fungi so came to get me to see this monster.


The chickens have finally settled into their new home, so no more trying to herd them down to the bottom barn at dusk. Although amazingly enough we seem to have the worlds first chicken herding cats ! They stay just behind us in a wide ark and as we stop they crouch and look for stray chickens. They really were a big help, go figure!

One slight issue with the new chicken home is too much interest from the raccoon and possum population. Mr Rob has had to send 2 raccoons over the rainbow bridge, at the moment the possum is being let off as he seems to be interested in their food not the chickens but………