FAMACHA Certified

Mr Rob and I signed up for a training course, it was being held by the UGA small ruminants group up in Athens.

We had some excellent instructors and started the day with a seminar on the different parasites, effects and treatments for ruminants including our Alpacas. We were then taught to be able to use the FAMCHA scoring system in order to check for anaemia ( which is an indicator for parasites )

Some goat and llamas had been brought in for us to practice on. Luckily the Llamas were in a good mood and were okay with us peeling back their lids to check for anaemia.





After being treated to a slap up lunch we moved on to the afternoon sessions, where we were taught how to look for parasite eggs in a fecal sample. Not everyone’s idea of a fun afternoon, but very interesting for us and extremely useful in making sure that our animals are healthy.


Before we got home we tried a pizza restaurant near to our house that we had been meaning to try for a long time. It’s called Oz Pizza and it was really good. I am sure there will be many more trips there in the future.