It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas #

Yesterday I drove up into the city to finish off some last minute shopping, I avoided the main roads so that I could avoid any jams and was surprised how well it worked.

I then went off to the Peachtree Spinners Christmas party.  There was lots to eat courtesy of  the guild ladies, I provided a tray of prawns with dip and of course there was also an abundance of desserts.

This is also the nomination of awards – no expense spared ….. as long as it could be bought at the dollar store. There were, of course, a bunch of humorous awards dished out by Annie and her nephew who were both dressed as elves.


The Christmas raffle followed closely behind, separated by the value of the gifts to the dollar table and the 50 cent table. I had donated a knitting machine to the dollar table and had my eye on a table loom on the dollar table and quite a few things on the 50 cent  table. Well I was not lucky with the loom but I did get a bunch of felting books and the wonderful Miss Linda won some silk caps and gave them to me with the promise to show me how to use them.