Georgia Alpaca Show

This weekend was the Georgia Alpaca show. The plan was for me to go over there on the Saturday and then meet Rob at a friends house in Alpharetta as there was a 50th birthday celebration.

When I got to the show I went into the vendor room first and the results of the spin-off were in there. For those that do not know, this is a competition where you take 2 ounces of your Alpaca fiber and you are not supposed to card it or wash it, just take out most of the vegetable matter. The judge then spins it into fiber and  grades it across a range of characteristics. Well my boy won second place and more importantly I did not lose any points on my prep.

Good boy Voyager

Good boy Voyager

Off into the main arena to see George and Judy of Walnut Knoll Farm. They are great friends, good mentors, have really high quality Alpacas and on top of all that also roast and sell their own coffee beans. Here is a great picture of them off to get water for their herd.


They had a number of Alpacas to show and as Judy was getting ready to go into the ring, her girl cushed down without her realizing and Judy fell backwards over the top of her. Resulting in a badly sprained ankle.


This left them with a big challenge as they had Alpacas that needed to go into the ring at the same time. So George quickly trained me on what I needed to do in the ring and introduced me to KC my first boy that needed to be shown

me walking KC in the ring

me walking KC in the ring

KC was really well behaved — walked nicely and let me show his teeth and also behaved when the judge was checking his fiber. He came second but got really nice comments from the judge.

Rather have got a first - blue is more my color

Rather have got a first – blue is more my color

Dashed up to the party and got there late but at least in time for birthday cake. Sunday we were up early and drove back over to the show to see how Judy was. Still with a strapped ankle so after checking the times for the ring – I stepped in to look after WInston, it was his first time so I had a quick chat with him to tell him what I needed him to do.

Me trying Alpaca whispering

Me trying Alpaca whispering

Judy’s daughter was also helping out so here we are with the three amigos waiting to go into the ring.

Really like the hat of George

Really like the hat on George

As George and Dawn went into the ring, Judy realized that the girls classes were going quicker than expected so we then had to give Rob the training course and he went and got Ice Dancer from paddock and started getting ready to show.

DSC05206 DSC05209

Winston was getting bored and fractious by the time we went into the ring. He was ok doing his walk and the Judges checks. But when he was selected to go before the Judge again in 6th place, he forgot our chat and decided he had had enough and lay flat out on the floor – everyone burst out laughing even the Judge laughed and came up and thanked me.

Winston voting with his feet

Winston voting with his feet

We drove home lunchtime as we were expecting friends to visit – They came armed with cake and flowers, what a great combination. It was lovely to see them and the girls had fun in with the Alpacas.

feeding the girls

feeding the girls

Some extra grain being hand fed

Some extra grain being hand fed

It was all in all, despite all the running around and the drama, a perfect weekend.






3 thoughts on “Georgia Alpaca Show

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms

    What a great outing for your first time in the ring! My first was showing one of Kim’s girls – we looked like we were dancing the tango and not in a good way. Jim’s been our designated ring dude ever since.


    It certainly has made me braver with my animals – you just have to suck it up with that many people watching 🙂

  3. Sally at Rivendale Farms

    I remember when I took the birthing class and agree! But why on earth that part is always scheduled for right after lunch is beyond me. 🙂

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