All’s quiet on the farm

Well there is not much to report …… and that’s a good thing. In the last couple of weeks I’ve over seeded the pastures with some annual rye-grass that has already started growing.  The Denver 9 have settled in very well. They seem happy with the routine and have gotten used to the chickens. I did have to move the chicken feeders further back in the coop as they were being raided by the pacas. All in all, we couldn’t have wished for a better start.

Graxing in the early morning sunshine
Grazing in the early morning sunshine

The big cat has decided that the big barn is going to be home and spends all day patrolling the back yard. Funny thing is that he/she likes to sleep outside at night and plonks down right in the middle of the driveway. We have to be careful to remember.

Big Cat in her (lately) favorite spot
Big Cat in the (lately) favorite spot

Down at the small barn “Knee High” enjoys the quiet life away from the other animals …. especially dogs.

Knee high on her way to eat
Knee high on her way to eat

I’m a little afraid for our other little barn cat though. I’ve not seen her about for over a week now. Fingers crossed that she’s found a safe place to be pampered.