New arrivals

On Wednesday we drove up to walnut knoll farm in Canon to collect the first two of our new additions. Luckily the weather played nice and stayed dry for us so the journey took about 2 hours. We got there about 6 and got so involved in catching up with George and Judy that instead of taking them out for dinner we ended up with takeout, Subway foot longs. Not to much of an issue for us as its our favorite fast food.

Before it got too dark we loaded Magic and Kloud into the back of the trailer. They were a little skittish at first but quickly settled and cushed down. By the time we got home it was 11.30 and they were glad to get out of the trailer and into their new home. We will keep them separate from the rest of the herd for a while but as they are in the middle field both male and females were very interested to see the new guys arrive.

Kloud is obviously as attractive to other alpacas as she is to us and I am not sure who is the more enamored with her, our girls or our boys. Or maybe it is Magic that that they are lusting after.

We will have just enough time to get these two settled before the other nine arrive.



Better pictures to follow