On the trail for a trailer

We decided we should have a horse/livestock trailer. Mainly for any emergency vet visits for the Alpacas but also if we need to deliver them anywhere for any reason.

Wanted to start with a small second hand one and then see how we go — its one of those items that when you need it, you need it now, but you probably will only need it a couple of times of the year. We have been searching for about 3 months and at last we found a few that were a possibility.

Wednesday we took a run out to Loganville which is East of Atlanta to see a trailer – we arrived there at 5 pm and found that we were at a Pygmy Nigerian goat farm.


They were very cute and very friendly as was their owner. You can see them all here . Anyway after lots of chatter and a good look around we left with the horse trailer and….


…. also they make fabulous goat milk soap and were kind enough to give me some samples. The soap is great my hands feel so soft already. I decided to have a go at felting it, why you may ask, well 2 reasons, first its a good use of my fiber that I can’t spin but more importantly you have a built in wash cloth and it prevents you losing all of that fabulous soap getting too soft and disappearing down the sink.