Just another day

The weather has been glorious since Thursday, mid 80’s but with a cool fresh breeze. When I go to feed the animals in the morning, I am greeted with the most fantastic smell. The trees surrounding the pastures are covered in wild honeysuckle and there is also jasmine bushes in some places as well. Every month brings its own new addition. We found rose bushes in among the bushes and ivy, the blooms were pretty and very fragrant.

DSC04156 DSC04158

We also have an interesting dance on our way up to close the chickens in for the night, we have a lot of frogs that come out as soon as it gets dark. So we have the flashlights trained on the floor to make sure there are no surprises. Here is one that hung around for the daytime.

We also found some turtles walking around the garden. A quick look on google images says they could be Gopher Turtles. We found the larger one down by the bottom barn but this small one was walking around outside my office window.

DSC04142 DSC04153

Can’t wait to see the surprises June will bring