New chicken house

I’ve been busy, on and off over the last couple of weeks, building a house for our next batch of chickens. I made my usual error of flinching at the price of a new one and foolishly say … nah, I can do that. Well, yes I can, but it always takes twice as long as I think and lots of trips into town for the bits and pieces I forgot the last time.

Anyroad, here it is. A luxury accommodation for 6 birds with nesting for 3 simultaneous egg laying. This open plan space has forest fresh, multi level roosting and fine views over the Georgia countryside.

New home for the new birds (coming soon)

New home for the new birds (coming soon)

Inside view

Inside view


1 thought on “New chicken house

  1. Nikki

    It is awesome! BTW, they have baby chicks at Turner’s. I think they told me they are Rhode Island Reds. (You probably already know about them!)

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