Vines and Good Food

On Saturday we were up bright and early as we had to tend to our animals and then be over in Bremen by 8am. WakeRobin Farm had invited us to a vine planting. Being the warm popular people that they are, there was nearly a 100 people there. The day started with muffins, bagels and really great coffee (more about that later). We were then presented with a short history of vine growing in the region.

DSC03667 DSC03680

Before we were sent out into the fields to work we had a ancient Hebrew blessing of the vine – then out into the fields to be shown the correct way to plant them. Trillium (the name the vineyards will be called) had already got over 2 acres of pre drilled holes ready for us to plant into. The extension agent (Mr Rob will discuss who that is) then showed us the correct method of planting. Bruce and Karen planted the first vine and then we went off to plant our allotted area. People were working so hard the full 2 acres was done by 11.30.





photo (9)

I went over to introduce myself to their Alpacas and one of them, Turk, is just a doll. He was more than happy to come over to the fence and have his neck rubbed. Karen and Bruce also have St Bernard guardian dogs in with the pacas and they were quick to come over to the fence just to make sure that Turk was not in any danger.

photo (10) photo (11)

I got talking to a really fun couple from NE Georgia, they trade as Walnut Knoll Farm. They have 88 pacas !! and they also have a coffee roasting business call the Alpaca Bean company. You can buy the beans on line and they are so good that even Mr Rob, the infamous tea drinker, liked it.

We had a fab catered lunch and then there were door prizes – so many that nearly everyone got something, I picked this neat gadget for aerating, poring and storing wine and when Rob won he picked this lovely Alpaca scarf.