The same but different

We always found it amusing that the British did not exist as a cultural food area at the supermarkets in NY but the Irish did, whilst a very small selection it did allow us to occasionally buy Branston Pickle, Robinsons lemon barley water and Walkers oat cakes.

Now we have moved to Georgia we have realised we were aligning with the wrong group. We went out shopping today and spotted an Indian/Pakistani store. It was loaded with Heinz baked beans,Ovaltine, Patak sauces and all the makings for a decent curry. All the flavours of home.

Another benefit of having the extra animals is that it give us a legitimate reason to spend a long time looking at all the bits and pieces at the Tractor Supply Store.

I bought a book on home preserving ( ready for the garden we will have this summer) and Rob got a book about weird inventions people have made to make their farm work more interesting.