Catching Up …. again

it is so easy to loose the habit and then you end up always blogging about stuff that happened ages ago.
So here is my catch up and I will try and update it more often. Lets finish off the Baltimore trip, lots of good food and fun mixed in with the work and I sense a theme with the restaurants there. Here is a picture from the outside of Cafe Hon yet another Elvis.

This weekend I finished hand knotting the afghan I embroidered for a friends wedding, I used designs from Janet Sansom they stitch out so well, I love them.

Saturday morning I went to Quilters Attic, I spent the morning in a 5D software training class and the afternoon in a class making the Suzi purse insert, I finished a large and a medium.

Very cute. I will use them to store quilting supplies in my basket. I was able to finish 2 more blocks for my PB & J quilting Bee.

I went running with Gil twice this weekend, 4 miles on Friday and 3 on Sunday morning and then last but not least I stitched out another Janet Sansom design as a centre for a decorative pillow

Looking forward to this week, couple of dinners with friends and wedding on Friday.

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