Oh Gourd!

We are preparing for very high temperatures today and keeping indoors as much as possible.

This time last year we were on our road trip, part of which was a one week visit to Lancaster PA. We were camped right in the middle of the Amish community and one of our purchases was a hand painted gourd which we have hung in the garden. Obviously we are not the only ones to like the gourd as we have a pair of birds that have taken up residence. We are hoping they will lay eggs and we can watch the babies grow.

This morning one of the many deer was feeling braver than normal and came really close looking for something to eat. The dogs were so surprised they just sat and stared out of the window while the deer took its time.

The past two evenings I have been trying to catch up on my BOM Patriots in Petticoats. I am off to Baltimore next week with work so I thought I could cut them ready then sew next week while at the hotel. They are very complex blocks though and I have spent hours cutting pieces that are small and measured in eighths. Tomorrow is forecast to hit the high 90″s

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