Last day of the week and the first day of Spring

Crappy start to the week again. Newburgh to Detroit and then a 3 hour delay meant getting to Tampa at 2am on Tuesday, yawn! At least the weather that greeted me the next morning was warm and sunny. The hotel was 5 minute walk to the office and there was a small lake outside that had some wading birds looking for fish.

On Wednesday i was on the way into the office and nearly jumped out of my skin when I was greeted by this duck sitting in the planter.

After I spent a full day training two groups of 25 people I left Tampa and drove to Jacksonville over 220 miles and I got to hotel at 10pm. Passed through some interesting towns that may be worth a visit when I have time. Thursday was another two training sessions and then fly home on Friday via Atlanta. At least this went without any delays so I got home at 6, just in time to get ready to go to the dance at the Vets club in town. We had a live band and we were there with kathy and Wayne. A really fun night. I cant believe how much of a social life we have these days.

Up early Saturday morning to go to quilt guild, sat next to a very nice lady called Elaine and we had fun chatting. The block that I did last week got added to the others and then was raffled.

Its going to make a very interesting quilt. As usual all of the show and tell quilts were excellent but one really stood out. It is also going to be raffled on behalf of the Catskill hall of fame quilters.

We were supposed to be going to the Hoot Owl Saturday night with Gil and Sarah but they had a dog issue and had to take Cooper to the Vets for a few stitches. We watched Burlesque on TV instead, very good movie.

Sunday I put Sarah’s quilt on the frame. This is my daughters first attempt at quilting and she hand stitched the whole thing, I think she did a great job. I quilted it freehand and tried to give it a real sense of movement. I hope she likes it.

Just need to get it bound now. Made a pillow case with some of the backing fabric, it’s really cute it depicts fish fishing for cats 🙂

I felt I was on a roll so I used one to the embroideries that I downloaded from They had them on sale with all of the proceeds going to aid Japan so I feel I have contributed something. its a T shirt for Alana ( granddaughter ) it stitched out very well.

Rounded the evening off with homemade pizza – I feel as if I have really had a break this weekend despite all of the activity.

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