Nuno Felting

Saturday was busy catching up with the normal girly things in life, nails haircut etc. There were a few light snow flurries but nothing that will stick thank goodness.

Sunday I went over to White Barn Farm for a Nuno felting class, it was very different to my normal hobbies. There were nine of us in the class and we each picked a piece of silk and some wool roving (Merino sheep) you lay pieces of the wool on the silk, some people covered their silk with the wool and others, like me, went for a more waterfall effect. You then cover the whole thing with a net curtain, wet it with warm soapy water and roll it up and then agitate it by rolling your package back and forth

We were checking it in-between rollings to see if the wool fibre had migrated through to the backside of the silk. Once this was established we used really hot water and agitated the wool to create the felting effect, and at the same time it shrinks. It is an amazing process and you get lots of surprises in the way your colors blend.

Even the back looks pretty with all the gathers. This is definitely something that I want to do again and I have a really pretty scarf.

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