Its been an interesting week

We decided to go skiing at Hunter Mountain on Tuesday, its only just over the hour from where we live and they have half price ski days for locals. We were on the slopes by 10.15 and we were greeted with good snow conditions, no lines at the lifts and reasonable weather. What more could we ask for. We skied through to about 2.30 and then drove home to make sure the dogs got fed on time.
The forecast was predicting another snowfall on Tuesday night and we were greeted the next morning with about 8 inches more snow. There was very little wind so we did not have the same drifting that we got last time. We don’t like to let the dogs out in it too much as the golden doodle is a complete magnet for the snow and if forms ice balls all over her. But we decided to let them have good run around and as you can see they had a fantastic time. The birds were very grateful that we restocked the bird feeder. So much so that they had emptied it by the end of the day!

I was busy working Thursday and Friday, getting ready for my trip to Jacksonville next week. Its going to be strange travelling to work again. Just hope the airlines all run to schedule as I have a pretty tight connection in Atlanta.
Saturday I went to my very first quilt guild meeting. Thanks to the the ladies of the Wiltwyck quilt guild in Kingston NY for making me welcome. They had 67 people attend, they seem a very active group. I was thrilled to find out that one of the blogs I follow, Bonnie Hunter at is coming to teach there in April, so I signed up for the classes straight away.

I spent Sunday morning finishing my November block for the quilting B I belong to. Yes I know, very late but I will catch up with the others next weekend. I also completely cleaned my sewing room so at least I can move around in there again.

I am off to the movies later today to see the Kings Speech with our friends Gil and Sara. Movie was good and so was the food at the Gilded Otter. Just need to pack now