17th February 2008

A journey to work NY style

Tuesday of this week we had lot’s of snow again and the temperature dropped to below freezing. I spent the day at the office and then prepared for the long hike on Wednesday. I left the office at 9am on Wednesday with Rob one of our sales guys and we drove across Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, We got to the client site at 3.30pm, after a lengthy meeting we booked into the same hotel that Toni and I stayed in 15 months ago when we visited Boston for leaf peeping and quilting material.

A little visitor in our garden

While I was away we had a little visit from some of the local deer. I traveled back on the Thursday retracing our route and arrived home at 6.30pm totally exhausted! Saturday morning we left the house at 6.45am and 8.15am we were buying our lift pass at Belleayre! not a bad life lovely blue skies, plenty of snow and so close to home. The only downside at all was the temperature; it was about -10 degrees. We skied all day and left at 3.30am.

On Sunday morning we drove over to Beacon and cleared the apartment. Then off to Poughkeepsie to do some shopping, bought some additional furniture for the lounge, some lamps and for all our American guests, we bought a coffee machine and beans grinder. So Ruth we are ready and waiting! You will be our very first guest