17th November 2007

Wow it was cold here today, with a real bitter wind. Got up early to go over to Goshen and meet with a mortgage broker. Quite a nice town with some interesting looking buildings and lots of small cafes. It is about 25 minutes from Beacon.

Drove over to the new house, pictured left, to meet with a house inspector and the builders. It was really interesting experience. The builders are father and son from New York city. I think this is their first non city build. The inspector gave the house a very good report. There were very few snags for them to correct. They walked me round the perimeter of the property so that I could see where it extends to. They are also going to sell me their ride on mower. Rob will have lots of fun with that.

Went on to Fishkill to look at cars – this is one task that is very frustrating. I can’t get excited about any of the cars I have seen so far except the Acura with a load of techie things including voice activated GPS 🙂 it is a bit more than I was planning on paying so I need to think about it for a while. Rob is arriving here tomorrow and we are off to Atlanta for the Thanksgiving holiday on Tuesday.