From Iguanas to Sunsets

We slowed down on the organised trips on Wednesday and Thursday, by now we had a good understanding of the general area and where we wanted to go. We took a leisurely stroll down to the beach and I sat in the shade knitting while Rob read. There was a lovely gentle breeze coming off the sea.

After lunch we went looking for Iguanas, we have yet to see the really big green ones but these will do for now 

When we get back Rob will post his pictures which given the quality of the lens will be much better than my iPhone snaps

Another stroll around the property and we found a troop of Howler monkeys, mostly just lazing in the sun. 

But I was lucky enough to get this small video of a baby and it’s mama, how cute is this? 

In the afternoon we visited the Ara Project it is managed by a Brit, Tom is from Reading not far from where my daughter lives.

They are located in grounds owned and supported by the hotel and their mission is to rescue, breed and rehabilitate the native Scarlet Macaw and the even more at risk Green Macaw. They have successfully released many breeding pairs, it’s a long and complex process that is articulated on their website, link is above. Again only an iPhone snap but you get the idea.

That evening we walked to local restaurant about a  5 minute walk from the hotel. A great margarita (using fresh juice and not that chemical tasting mix you can buy) plus house special rice for me and red snapper for Rob. The rice had half a langoustine, shrimp, conch, calamari and  lobster. Rob’s fish was caught off the beach this morning, yum.

Thursday was pretty much a repeat of Wednesday with the main highlight being a hike up the mountain at 4.30 so we could catch the sunset. This is a view looking back at our cove from the top of the hill 

The sunset was well worth the hike but again Rob’s camera did it far more justice, but for now, here is my best shots 

Oh I nearly forgot, we also walked into the nearest village yesterday, it only consists of some 30 houses, church, school and soccer field. But again with some help from the hotel they are establishing themselves as an arts and crafts village, with the emphasis on either depicting local animals and scenes or using reclaimed materials. Sorry no pictures to share yet but all the buildings were also painted with elaborate murals.

Last but not least this is the most dangerous animal we have seen so far…..

We have been warned that to touch any of the hairy caterpillars will result is so much pain that in the words of our guide ” will even make a big man cry ”