Girls Road Trip

The day started well as two of the chick’s that Alana put in the incubator 20 days ago hatched. So glad that she was able to see the complete cycle.

As you can see there is another egg ready to hatch and indeed when we spoke to Mr Rob we are now up to 4

Miss Alana and I left early for the first leg of our trip, Douglasville to Brunswick. We made great time and got there just before 2. Quick check in to hotel then off to St Simons Island for some ice cream. We then hired some cycles, which brought back memories of living in Sweden. The bikes are the same there, no gears, no hand brakes and you stop the bike by pedaling backwards. 

We had a few stops along the way. First stop was for Alana to play with the sand on the beach. 

We also walked along the little pier, there were plenty of people fishing and we saw our first horseshoe crab.

Alana also saw her first pelican but it was a bit too far out to take a worthwhile picture.

Rounded off the day with dinner at Applebee’s and we are now watching Rio the cartoon movie.