Let the games begin – no this is not politics!

So, my granddaughter is now in the air on her way to Atlanta. We are very excited and a little nervous, not about the travel but more about making sure she has fun and does not get too homesick because she is going to be here for 5 weeks. There was a little bit of drama at the airport this morning as Delta forgot to mention the additional fee that needed to be paid at the airport and also that her mum could not go to the gate with her. Hey ho! so facetime at 5.50 this morning and it was no fun, with old tired eyes, trying to transfer money on a cell phone.  All was resolved and Alana was given a GPS tracker wristband and passed over to a minder to escort her to the plane. Both mum and daughter managed to keep smiling through it all so we are off to a good start.

Now I have all day to track the plane online and get to the airport to pick her up.  We have been preparing for this for weeks. Let’s see, are we ready?

  • Swimming pool bought installed and tested (most evenings) -Check
  • Bedroom sorted – Check
  • TV added – Check
  • Books bought – Check
  • Games and Crafts bought = Check
  • Mermaid blanket knitted and packed – Check
  • Trips organised – Check
  • Candy bought – Check
  • Pancake mix and chicken nuggets bought – Check
  • Grandad shorn and shaved – Check
  • Nanny exercising past 6 weeks to ensure i have the  energy to keep up – Check

I think we are ready…..