One man went to ……. meow

There are certainties to my life here on the farm:

  • The sun will come up tomorrow.
  • There will be more ‘paca poo to scoop.
  • The grass will need cutting again.

Some days I deal with all three. (it’s a hectic life) There is a lot of grass to be cut but I find the task quite relaxing. However the last outing nearly turned to disaster. I was just completing the first circuit, coming up the hill towards the barn, when I became aware of an unusual noise from the mower deck. It’s funny how you can get used to a piece of machinery and quickly recognise the smallest abnormality¬† in sound or vibration.

I stopped the engine and jumped off to look for the problem. To my surprise, the the strange squeaking noise continued. I instantly knew that the sound was one off the new kittens. At least he was making a noise. I opened up the grass collection basket to find a dazed and confused kitty covered in clippings. I will have to be more careful when I start up the mower in future.

No little pussy cats were harmed in this reconstruction
No little pussy cats were harmed in this reconstruction