Rag, Tag and Bobtail

A couple of weeks ago a friend gave us 3 little kittens that had been abandoned under his deck. We took them to the vet and he confirmed we had 3 boys and apart from a few fleas they were healthy.

They have taken up residence in the top barn and are slowly getting used to living in peace with the Alpacas and the chickens. It has taken them a little longer to understand that Cagney ( our golden doodle) just wants to love them. Just for the purpose of full disclosure, it also took us a week to get her to understand that we had not bought her some movable chew toys. _DSC6877

They have very different personalities, Rag the slightly smaller grey one likes nothing more than to be picked up and carried like a baby, he cant get enough strokes. The other end of the scale is Bobtail, he skedaddles the minute you get close to him and last but not least is Tag and he will let you stroke him but not keen to be picked up.  I do hope they have a long and happy life here on the Farm……….and no they are not coming into the house!