Rest in Peace my little darlings

Very sad day last week — those darn wandering foxes helped themselves to 3 of our chickens. We were really sad about it, we are not yet hardened enough to take these things in our stride and especially as one of the ones gone was our favorite girl … Rocky


Plus two of our newer girls.

Those foxes are on borrowed time. We will need to get rid of them so for now our poor chickens are confined to the barn. We can’t risk let them free range until the foxes are gone.



3 thoughts on “Rest in Peace my little darlings

  1. Sally at Rivendale Farms

    I missed this post earlier, Lynne. So sorry to hear this. We don’t have chickens here, so can love having the foxes, but they’re very wily when they have the chance. I haven’t hardened up yet and we’ve had livestock for 10 years. I still have a good cry when we lose any of the gang here, so sending you hugs.

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