Knitting and yet more knitting

On Saturday I drove over to SEFF in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon for a lace knitting class with Romi Hill. It was the techniques needed for her Ice Queen Cowl which is available from Ravelry as a free download.

It was an excellent class and she is a really lovely teacher, I learnt some basic things, provisional cast on as well as some interesting things around beaded lace and Russian join.

When I came home I decided to add a beaded picot edge to the Holden shawl I was finishing off. Sunday, I went over to Marietta and the spinning group and learnt some interesting techniques with drop spindle, Andean plying.

Then I rounded off the few days with a visit to the needle nerds at the McDonald on Chapel Hill Road. They were a real fun bunch and I look forward to spending time with them again. They are a mixed bunch of knitters, crocheters weavers and spinners. They also have a book group that I am looking forward to attending. So many inspiring things and not enough time to do them all.