Ski day 2

Up bright and early, more because of the time difference than anything else. We decided to go and try Deer Valley today. It was colder than yesterday but a lot less wind and only a few specs of snow. Deer Valley is a wapping 3 miles away from the hotel so we were on the slopes early again.

Deer Valley tries to be a bit more upmarket than Park City. They have gone the extra mile with the facilities and the food available on the mountain. Although some of the lifts could do with updating as they were sooo slow. We managed to ski on all 4 of the mountains and the snow was pretty good until the afternoon at the lower levels where it was a bit slushy. We quit skiing at about 3pm and saw a number of little spills on the last run down. in fact rob saw one poor guy ski right of the edge, luckily there were some small trees that stopped him going too far down the side.

Todays stats – 20 runs 23.5 miles of downhill and top speed on 30.8 ( higher for Rob but phone only tracks me)

Up to the Main Street for dinner at the local brew pub, where we also sampled some of their beer. Followed by a walk to the Java Cow for a homemade ice cream.I had a wowie cowie and Rob had pralines and cream. Great end to a good day