3 Days and still raining

Well still raining and certainly missing my partner in poop scooping especially as it has gone from those nice firm beans to a mush ( I know more information than you wanted )

I am sure the Alpacas are bored not really being able to get out and about although it is not phasing the chickens at all. Still getting my eggs every day. Thanks girls.

photo (1)

I read an article that says the average age of eggs in the supermarket are 2-3 months, no wonder my day old eggs taste so different.

I have not left the property  since Rob left and I am getting a little stir crazy. So I guess I should make the effort to get out over the next few days. I actually feel pretty safe here, having said that although I am not worried about 2 legged problems, I  have semi convinced myself that every snake, spider and other predator watched Rob and the dogs leave and are now plotting their attacks on me and my animal family.